(Windows) Sentinel – Keylogger (Windows)

Notice: This should not be confused with the application developed by Ranger.exploit.

Sentinel is a small surveillance application that allows indivduals to monitor the activity of others with consent. With this you would be able to gain a better insight as to what your machine(s) are being used for and for which reasons thereby empowering you with more control.This would be beneficial for those who:

  • Wish to monitor employee activity within a workplace
  • Wish to monitor activity of their children online
  • Wish to monitor the activity on their personal computer to ensure its not being misused


  • Monitor Key Strokes
  • Take Screenshots at set intervals
  • Monitor Clipboard Content
  • Monitor Running Applications
  • Execute in Stealth Mode
  • Launch on Startup
  • Hide from Taskbar
  • AutoSave Logs to Machine
  • Password Protect Application to Prevent Unauthorised Access
  • Configure Email to Send Logs

As Keyloggers can be used for malicious purposes, for legal reasons i have added a feature that enables users to disable this application by entering a certain phrase which follows: [ALT] -SEN -E. If you wish to have this feature removed, you may email me with your request.

Also the source code is available to purchase via private message.

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