Red Captain Slot (Games)


Red Captain Slot is an html5 game, it offers a wide range of free slots replicating the Vegas-style slot machines special atmosphere. Another benefit of playing free casino slots games at Red Captain Slot is our special perks: from free spins to bonus rounds, making your game even more enthralling.


  • Construct 2 project include
  • The game was made by construct 2 under 100 line, so you can edit anything of the game with free version (no coding knowledge needed). Learn More.
  • If you bought the Extended License i will reskin the game (use your graphics, create a new logo) one time for free
  • You can config:

  • Set starting credit
  • Enable/disable add credit button
  • Set credit when click the add credit button
  • Set YOUTUBE ID when click the add credit button
  • Set cost of line
  • Set maximum bet per line
  • Set all prize of symbol

    If you want to make a mobile app, i suggest you to reskin this slot

    Contact me if you interested in about online casino system.



    Theme Author: nhandsig
    Creation Date: 2018-02-21T00:46:28+11:00
    Last Update: 2018-02-25T04:46:09+11:00

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