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Movehop: JumperBall is a very funny game, the game contains 6 buttons each botton with its first botton is to Share if you want to share the game the second buton is Facebook if you give click will take to our page the third button of Effects Son of the game (jump of the ball or when it breaks down) the fourth buton is Of Music in the game (main music, select level, pause, game over ..) the fifth button is of Information that contains my email in case you have any questions or want to contact with me and the last button is in the game that served to Pause the game by clicking on it will show several buttones between them there are two sound button if you want to sound the Effect or Music.

⋆ Inside The Game:
The game is very easy to play just the player has to click one Play or go to select level where you have to choose the first livel that is unlocked then you have to click on any place on the screen so that the ball skips the ball has a rotation effect when jumping, the objective is to pass all the bars that are in your way, when the ball is damaged it makes an earthquake effect and a perfect sound then the Game Over appears, with two buttons Restart and Exit bottons, when passing all the livel will show the Livel Comleted with three buttons: Next , Restart , Exit , to continue to the next livel it is necessary to give in Next and thus it will continue the game until passing all the levels.

⋆ How To Play
You just have to click on any place on the screen for the ball to jump



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