iGuider – jQuery Webpage Help Tour (Miscellaneous)

This is the most flexible and multifunctional help-tour plugin in the world. He can do anything!


  • Multiple targets same time
  • Two shapes of highlighting: a rectangle and a circle
  • Templating
  • Styling
  • Processing code color in any format
  • Autopilot
  • Tracking position of the dragged element
  • Multiple pages
  • Ability to continue the unfinished tour
  • Smooth change of color and opacity for each step individually
  • Management from outside
  • The intro slide in center of screen
  • Displays the tour covers
  • Works with dynamic content
  • Works with hidden content (select, tabs etc.)
  • Localization (60 languages)
  • Different way of searching elements. Supports most CSS3 selectors, as well as some non-standard selectors.
  • Supports operating system “windows (7,8,10)”, MacOS, iOS, Android
  • Supports brousers IE 11+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Detailed documentation
  • 37 Positions’ Variants
  • Auto Positioning of Message
  • Detect Events
  • Trigger Events
  • Callback Functions
  • Map of All Steps
  • Control of Buttons Text
  • Scroll to Element
  • Highlighting of passed steps
  • Responsive
  • Compatibility with the “Select2” plugin
  • Compatibility with the “jQuery UI Tabs”
  • Compatibility with the “Bootstrap Collapse”



Theme Author: yurik417
Creation Date: 2017-12-02T10:46:42+11:00
Last Update: 2017-12-09T06:38:54+11:00

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