Forecast4u Weather App+Offline Cache (Full Applications)

Second Theme


Forecast4u provide the Weather Forecasting detail with very vast detail of current as well as next 6 days reporting.It also provide the hourly one by one hour detail along with home screen widgets for quick overview.


  • Current Forecasting
  • Hourly (one-by-one hour) Forecasting
  • Future Days (6 days) Forecasting
  • Multiple Themes
  • Multiple Forecasting Providers
  • Offline Caches
  • Home Screen Widgets
  • OneSignal Push Notifications
  • Admob Interstitial Ads
  • Automatic Location Detection
  • Add Default location
  • Add Multiple Locations
  • Eye Catching & Thematic UI/UX
  • Sliding Panels
  • Attractive Animations


Q1:Is both theme having same features?

Ans:Yes,both theme have same features.

Q2:Both theme support Offline Caches?

Ans:Yes,both theme support Offline Cache.

Q3:Which forecasting providers I used in it?

Ans:There are multiple forecasting service used in it.

  • First or default theme use Dark Sky api which provide more information than others.
  • Second theme use Open Weather Map api for getting forecasting detail.

Q4:Both forecasting service offer same type of detail?

Ans:No,both forecasting service provide different amount or type of information. Default theme which use Dark Sky api provide more & deep info Second theme which use Open Weather Map provide not vast detail like Dark Sky.

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Theme Author: harisfarooq12
Creation Date: 2018-02-16T03:59:55+11:00
Last Update: 2018-02-25T21:53:27+11:00

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