Copy or Move WooCommerce Reviews (Products)


Copy or Move WooCommerce Reviews plugin enables the admin to copy/move the reviews of one product to another effortlessly. This doesn’t result into losing the reviews once you delete the old product in case of revamping the website or recreating the content.

In case you want to copy the review of your product to any other product on your store or you want to shift the review from one product to another, you can select the source product and Copy or move WooCommerce reviews plugin will list the available reviews for you.

Product Features

  • Copy/Move the reviews from one product to another.
  • Copy/Move customer ratings along with reviews.

User’s Benefits

  • Copy or Move WooCommerce Reviews plugin saves the store owner from deleting the reviews from their product by shifting it to some other product. This helps a lot in case a new version of old product comes up or revamping takes place.
  • Admin can keep himself updated with customers reviews and get an understanding of their behaviour and needs.

Plugin Functionalities

  • Select the source from which you would like to copy or move reviews and their ratings.
  • The reviews will be displayed as per your selection in the source. You can select the reviews which you would like to copy or move.
  • Finally, on just a click, you can shift reviews to the destination product with their respective ratings.



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