Age Verification PopUp Magento 2 (Magento Extensions)


Now a days Age verification is a key element over online portals if you are selling some specific industries products to ensure services are only delivered to those who are old enough to receive them.

Age Verification Pop-Up extension allows websites to carry out adult verification check on Users. The Age Verification Pop-Up extension locks the website with a Pop-Up screen asking user to verify their age before allowing them to browse the website, Some goods available online are not meant for underage internet users.

The spin results, prizes, win/lose, a number of spins and more can be controlled. The store admin can also customize the look and feel of a spin wheel to bring it in line with your brand or colour scheme set the probability of winning, add your own custom prize data. It allows admin to manage the number of spins given to each user and can set configurations to send the coupon to the winner via email so the customers come back and avail their coupon whenever they feel like.

Age Verification Pop-Up extension installation is easy & allows admin to control everything related to Ageverify Pop-Up.

It’s admin control to add age verification Pop-Up either to website globally or to specific pages. It just have yes/no configuration to activate & inject Pop-Up on frontend with responsive nature to handle all your mobile users.

Why don’t you check below awesome features we are offering with plug-in if you are in need of age verification service for your Magento based online store.

Here is few highlighted features:

  • Easy Installation & Activation right from backend. No Help needed from developer to manage
  • Yes/No configuration to activation Age verification service on your Website frontend
  • Introduce Ageverify either for whole website or to specific pages ex. Home page, CMS pages, catalog pages etc…
  • Unique & Mobile Responsive Pop-Up to ensure compatibility on all devices
  • Easy personalization option for Pop-Up colors & content
  • No unnecessary repeat verification prompts for your users

Change log

Version 1.0.0 – 15/02/2018

  • Initial Release



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