Advanced Options Pro (OpenCart)

The help of this extension you can improve our default opencart product option system. in which add many features like option image, option sku, option model, option description and live option price.
– with help of option image you add product option image for each option and swap as well.
– with help of option model you add separately model number of each option
– with help of option sku you add separately SKU for each option. so you can easy manage the stocks.
– with help of option description you add option information for each option.
– with help of Live option price automatically calculates option price on product page so customer can easily see the final price when they choose product options

Main Features:

  • Add images to product options.
  • Change Main Image run time on click the option value.
  • Add Option SKU for each option
  • Show SKU on Product Page, cart page and mini-cart as well
  • Add Model Number to each option.
  • Define Model Number for each product options.
  • Live Change Model Number when user selected option.
  • Add Option Description for each option
  • Live calculate option price on product pages.
  • Live Calculate (option price,taxes,discount price and special price)
  • Compatible with all major custom opencart Themes.
  • Compatible with Multi Store.
  • One click Installation
  • Easy Installation and setup.
  • Uses OpenCart’s built-in module system (no core files are overwritten).
  • Excellent & Best Support.

Supported OpenCart Versions:
All 2.0x,2.1x,2.2x,2.3.x and 3x versions

Latest Extension Versions:
1.0 version

How To Install It:
See Documentation

How To Upgrade It:

Live Demo:
You can try out Advanced Options Pro Module without having to install.

Store Front:

Admin 1:

Admin 2:

Admin 3:

Username: demo
Password: demo

Support and Suggestion:



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Last Update: 2018-02-25T02:40:57+11:00

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