New Year Party Poster / Flyer V21 (Flyers)

This poster and flyer is designed to assist in the promotion of a New Year’s Eve social event and it contains elements and colors that can be commonly found among the holiday’s celebration. It can be used for marketing purposes in various venues such as city fairs, bars, taverns, pubs, universities, nightclubs, and any other location setting with intentions of celebrating the end of the year holiday.

  • Ready-to-Edit | CMYK | 300 DPI | Print Ready
  • Document Size: A4 8.3×11.7 inches | Plus Bleed
  • All Elements Included
  • Easily Resize to A5 or A6

Droid Serif
Great Vibes
Source Sans Pro



Theme Author: Viral-Legacy
Creation Date: 2017-12-08T07:46:17+11:00
Last Update: 2017-12-09T01:26:25+11:00

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