The Trap (Hip-Hop)

It is a powerful hip hop song in the style of trap! Perfect for car ads, sport videos, extreme sports videos, video models, and more! Used instruments: synth bass, synth lead, synth pluck, drums, percussion, fx samples.

In the archive you’ll find:
1. The Trap (2:15) WAV/MP3
2. The Trap Short (1:11) WAV/MP3
3. The Trap Teaser 1 (0:58) WAV/MP3
4. The Trap Teaser 2 (0:45) WAV/MP3

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Theme Author: HellcatMusic
Creation Date: 2018-02-15T04:00:33+11:00
Last Update: 2018-02-26T08:21:31+11:00

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