Epic Inspiring Ballad (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)

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Emotional cinematic trailer is very beautiful, epic, inspiring, cinematic and emotional music from the movie and trailer atmosphere. Powerful, some horror, some dream and action the mood is not made this track universal use.

We include in this paragraph a few versatile tools that are usually not used in epic music, such as soft harp and children’s background choir. Other instruments of the classic orchestra like the powerful hits, drums and percussion, emotional strings and brass, piano inspirational and motivational staccato.

With this item, your sales of Your products and services will be increased. You will achieve the desired effect on listeners to this music. Your clients and audience will be happy, they will feel a sense of pride and happiness when they see your video or game project, which this music!

This track is epic, dreams, and dramatic background music with high drama, excitement and action. Like a movie soundtrack scores and trailer music, inspired by Hollywood Movie Music composers, such Hanz Zimmer, James Horner and John Williams, Alan Silvestri is a free epic music is the perfect solution to give the project an intense, cinematic feel. Emotional, inspiring, motivational and energetic mood of this epic track is perfect for cinematic slideshow, film titles, wedding slide shows, infomercials and TV shows, sports and travel review, news, adventure, video, documentary, nature, cinema, fight scene, fantastic and video technology, Hollywood teaser and the trailer, active games and sports video, flying and aerial media project, business presentations, promotional video and a video review blog.

Any of Your wonderful and excellent visual project will be brighter, better and cooler with this music. This music is beautiful, bright addition to any of your media projects, such as movie and film production, movie trailer, opening titles, commercials for television or commercial audio for radio, marketing campaign, beautiful slide shows, dramatic ending, games, commercials, energetic, epic, moment of hope and inspiring, Intro, military, motivation, Patriotic, adventure, video, life and travel videos, and almost louboutains video products. To all Videohive authors: Hello friends! I am pleased to welcome You and are open for cooperation! You can use my previews in your projects (please, don’t forget to link to the music in your description and notify me at my e-mail so I could update my item description with the link to your item). I wish you all success!



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