Cinematic Inspiration Pack (Cinematic)

Cinematic Inspiration Pack:


1) Cinematic Inspiration (2:35)

Emotional cinematic music for film projects, corporate videos, the background design presentations, wedding video, trailers, YouTube video, motivational videos and other!

Included Version:

Full Version: 1_Cinematic Inspiration – (2:35)

2) Cinematic Inspiring (2:00)

Inspiring сinematic music for motivational and inspirational video projects! Instruments: piano, strings, brass and epic percussion. Three versions Wav and Mp3 formats expand the range of use of the track for their own purposes!

Included Version:

Full Version: 2_Cinematic Inspiring_1 – (2:00) – (starts on 2:36 in the preview)

Extended version: 2_Cinematic Inspiring_2 – (2:41) – (starts on 4:36 in the preview)

Short Version: 2_Cinematic Inspiring_3 – (1:46) – (starts on 7:18 in the preview)

3) Christmas Inspiration (2:23)

Cinematic orchestral music with the Christmas mood! Perfect for New Year, Winter or Christmas videos!

Included Version:

Full Version: 3_Christmas Inspiration_1 – (2:23) – (starts on 9:05 in the preview)

Each track in the MP3 and WAV format highest quality.



Theme Author: Istomin
Creation Date: 2017-11-27T06:44:10+11:00
Last Update: 2017-12-09T06:40:22+11:00

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