Battle Percussion Drums Pack (Percussion)

Item Description

This pack includes 3 epic and future modern percussion track and by one alternative version without synth (only drums).
It’s a massive and epic, cinematic and powerful background with industrial elements like metal sounds, iron percussion hits and overdriven synths, brass and overdriven guitars.

Pack Include 3 items:

1. Mad Wasteland Percussion Length 2:50, Tempo 124

1a. Mad Wasteland Percussion without guitars version

2. Radioactive Battlefield Drums Length 3:00, Tempo 116

2a. Radioactive Battlefield Drums without synth version

3. The Forge of War Length 3:08, Tempo 120

3a. The Forge of War clean drums version

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Creation Date: 2017-11-27T05:27:12+11:00
Last Update: 2017-12-09T06:13:09+11:00

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