Naked Girl1 poses pack (Teens and Adults)

Naked Girl1

Naked Girl1 Poses Pack model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games, Postproduction, Photomanipulation and other real-time apps.

Pack with 36 poses!

Rendered 3ds Max.
All textures are included.
The textures of the model are applied with UV Unwrap.
Units used: Meters, model is 1.70m tall.

2K textures!!!!

1.-Female Crouch Pose
2.-Female Laying Pose
3.-Female Laying Pose 2
4.-Female Laying Pose 3
5.-Female Laying Pose 4
6.-Female Laying Pose 5
7.-Female Laying Pose 6
8.-Female Laying Pose 7
9.-Female locomotion Pose
10.-Female locomotion Pose 2
11.-Female locomotion Pose 3
12.-Female Sitting Pose
13.-Female Sitting Pose 2
14.-Female Sitting Pose 3
15.-Female Sitting Pose 4
16.-Female Sitting Pose 5
17.-Female Sitting Pose 6
18.-Female Standing Pose
19.-Female Standing Pose 2
20.-Female Standing Pose 3
21.-Female Standing Pose 4
22.-Female Standing Pose 5
23.-Female Standing Pose 6
24.-Female Standing Pose 7
25.-Female Standing Pose 8
26.-Female Standing Pose 9
27.-Female Standing Pose 10
28.-Female Standing Pose 11
29.-Female Standing Pose 12
30.-Female Standing Pose 13
31.-Female Standing Pose 14
32.-Female Standing Pose 15
33.-Female Standing Pose 16
34.-Female Standing Pose 17
35.-Female Standing Pose 18

Including OBJ, 3DS MAX, FBX, DAE and FBX for Unity formats.

12,210 polygons
13,148 vertices

Each model has been tested in each format of various software.




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