Naked Girl1 Animations Pack (Teens and Adults)

Naked Girl1 Animations Pack

Naked Girl1 Animations Pack model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games, Postproduction, Photomanipulation and other real-time apps.

Pack with 90 Animations!

Rendered 3ds Max.
All textures are included.
The textures of the model are applied with UV Unwrap.
Units used: Meters, model is 1.70m tall.

2K textures!!!!

1.-180 Turn W_ Briefcase
2.-Being Carried
4.-Can Can
5.-Catwalk Idle
6.-Catwalk Idle To Twist L
7.-Catwalk Idle To Twist R
8.-Female Laying Pose 7
9.-Catwalk Idle To Walk Forward
10.-Catwalk Idle To Walk Forward Crossed
11.-Catwalk Idle To Walk Forward HighKnees
12.-Catwalk Idle Twist L
13.-Catwalk Idle Twist R
14.-Catwalk Sequence 01
15.-Catwalk Sequence 02
16.-Catwalk Sequence 03
17.-Catwalk Sequence 04
18.-Catwalk Sequence 05
19.-Catwalk Twist L To Twist R
20.-Catwalk Twist L To Walk 180
21.-Catwalk Twist R To Twist L
22.-Catwalk Twist R To Walk 180
23.-Catwalk Walk
24.-Catwalk Walk Crossed Stop
25.-Catwalk Walk Forward
26.-Catwalk Walk Forward Arc 90L
27.-Catwalk Walk Forward Arc 90R
28.-Catwalk Walk Forward Crossed
29.-Catwalk Walk Forward HighKnees
30.-Catwalk Walk Forward Turn 90L
31.-Catwalk Walk Start Backwards 180L
32.-Catwalk Walk Start Backwards 180R
33.-Catwalk Walk Start Turn 180 Left
34.-Catwalk Walk Start Turn 180 Right
35.-Catwalk Walk Stop
36.-Catwalk Walk Stop Twist L
37.-Catwalk Walk Stop Twist R
38.-Catwalk Walk Turn 180 Tight
39.-Catwalk Walk Turn 180 Wide
40.-Catwalk Walking
41.-Chicken Dance
42.-Crazy Gesture
44.-Drunk Idle Variation
45.-Dwarf Idle
46.-Start Walking
47.-Stop And Start Walking
48.- Stop Walking
49.-Goofy Running
50.-Holding Idle
52.-Idle 2
53.-Jog In Circle
56.-Jump 2
59.-Laying Breathless
60.-Laying Idle
61.-Laying Idle 2
62.-Laying Sleeping
63.-Left Strafe
64.-Left Strafe Walk
65.-Left Turn
66.-Left Turn 90
67.-Look Around
70.-Pacing And Talking On A Phone
71.-Right Strafe
72.-Right Strafe Walk
73.-Right Turn
74.-Right Turn 90
75.-Run Look Back
77.-Sitting And Pointing
78.-Sitting Clap
79.-Sitting Idle
80.-Sleeping Idle
81.-Sleeping Idle 2
82.-Standing Clap
83.-Standing Up
84.-Talking On Phone
85.-Texting And Walking
86.-Victory Idle
87.-Walk In Circle
89.-Walking 2
90.-Wheelbarrow Walk

Including OBJ , FBX, DAE and FBX for Unity formats.

12,210 polygons
13,148 vertices

Each model has been tested in each format of various software.




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