Childrens plastic toy Elephant (Toys and Games)

Children’s plastic toy Elephant. The beast was made on the basis of the image of an elephant named Business from the cartoon ’ Tri bogatyrya’ The model contains 34868 polygons and 34917 vertices. The work is saved in the formats: 3d max 2011, 3d max 2014, FBX and OBJ. Textures are saved in JPEG format. The texture size is 2048×2048 and 4096×4096. Textures for FBX and OBJ files are saved in the materials library. The name of the library textures for FBX and textures_OBJ for OBJ format. In the OBJ file, the model is divided into elements. The name of each element corresponds to the name of materials from the materials library. Therefore, after importing the FBX or OBJ file, you need to open the material library via get material.



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