A vinyl record in a cpver (Music)

Work contains a rendered graphic in a .psd, .c4d, .obj, .stl and a .jpg file. Help file, textures and the render scene included.

Layers in .psd included:

– atmoshpere
– atmosphere (multiply)
– 3x refraction (box sticker, disc)
– reflection
– ambient occlusion
– global illumination
– caustics
– ambient
– 3 lights: blue, white, yellow
– shadow
– 6x speculars (floor, sky, box, sticker, disc, global)
– diffuse
– motion vector
– 10x materials UV, normal, specular colour, specular, environment reflection, transparency, luminance, diffusion, material color



Theme Author: mordowska
Creation Date: 2018-02-23T23:46:23+11:00
Last Update: 2018-02-25T02:46:05+11:00

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